The Constitution No Longer Taught in Florida High Schools – Tea Party Nation

Well, Florida’s Board of Education (FBOE), teachers and administrators have driven a stake into the heart of our republic. The latest Florida Next Generation Sunshine State Standards, approved by the FBOE begins teaching American history in grades 9-12 after Reconstruction.  American history did not begin after Reconstruction.  What about the Constitution?

READ:  The Constitution No Longer Taught in Florida High Schools – Tea Party Nation.

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Co- Founder of the Northwest Georgia Tea Party. Administrator of website. Northwest Georgia Tea Party is a regional group representing Dade, Catoosa, and Walker County.
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2 Responses to The Constitution No Longer Taught in Florida High Schools – Tea Party Nation

  1. Leigh says:

    This is about education. I saw where many tea parties in North Georgia are having a function with AFP. I do not know much about it, but believed I talked to a guy Joel that came to our area for the 2010 campaign.He was very nice, and very conservative.In general, I agree with much of their stances. I just want to warn of one thing. AFP is promoting school choice. All conservatives need to study this issue. I did for 500 hrs. ,yrs. ago in the nineties. I was an R.N., now homeschooler(daughter showed a soft porno film in good touch/bad touch class)Choice is just the rename, “vouchers” did not go over that well. Clinton signed a charter school bill in approx. 1998. Al Sharpton, and Obama’s Sect. of education (Arne Duncan from Chicago promoted charter schools) True local control is our local property taxes going to schools that have elected boards that we can vote in or out. Study charter school governance.This whole thing was cooked up in the Federal Dept. of Education in with the New American Schools Development Corp.It is progressive, socialist, and part of an international education push. The goal is to bring all into the “system” including private schools and homeschoolers. People are finding this out. Just do some research ,and be careful of established groups. Dick Armey (Freedom Works)was involved in some of this stuff in 80′s-90′s. I will not vote for a Presidential candidate that promotes school-to work nor vouchers, “choice”, or charter schools . I cannot and remain a conservative.It is always an alarm bell to see socialists joining with progressives on an idea(Gingrich/Sharpton) (Kennedy/Bush)(Jeb Bushwith Obama)etc. ( Read Deliberate Dumbing Down of America by Charlotte Iserbyt (former D.O.E. official) UNESCO, Open Society Institute, Education for All, Goals 2000, America 2000, No Child left behind, Center on Education and the Economy,and now Race to the Top embraced by 40 states!!Remember, people follow courage!

  2. Leigh says:

    Ps. I am on a site of 81,000 moms who are mostly conservative, independents, teaparty members, etc. , and this discussion is brought up and many are becoming aware after research of this push. Do not be fooled! We aren’t!’

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