CFR: Tea Party Dangerous, Obstructive

You betcha, you “The New World Order” people needs to fear us “The Tea Party”.  We are going to bring you down.  We took the House over in the 2010 election and we will take over the Senate in the 2012 election. We are fed up with you and your elitism.

The Federal Government is too big, deficits are too high,  and taxes are a burden upon the people.  We have strayed from our “American Core Values, we have left our Christian religion on the door step and have leaders who pronounced the constitution as dead.

We have a President who is writing and implementing his our laws.  We have a President who bows down to other countries leaders.  We have a President who will not show his official birth certificate. A President who is shroud in mystery.  Our President says he is a Christian, but praises Islam and tells the world we are a secual nation.

We have the TSA who gropes people, including children in the name of security. We have illegal immigrants in this country that we are not allowed to detain nor send back to theirs.

The Tea Party was formed because the people, the citizens like you and I, were tired of the path our so called leaders were leading us down.   We are just beginning!  We are learning! We are watching!  We will “Restore American”.

PLEASE READ:  CFR: Tea Party Dangerous, Obstructive.

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Co- Founder of the Northwest Georgia Tea Party. Administrator of website. Northwest Georgia Tea Party is a regional group representing Dade, Catoosa, and Walker County.
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