How You Liking our Jobs From Obama Finland by Jack Bell by William Wheaton on Monday, October 24, 2011 at 11:12pm

How’s that job thing going for the American people Oboner, ‘ I guess the Americans can make the lug nuts for all those FUGGIN Green (Electric) cars you are having made in Finland that the American people won’t be abe to afford anyway.You scumbag , I cant for the life of me understand why the AMERICAN PEOPLE HAVEN’T CAMPED IN FRONT OF THE WHITE HOUSE DEMANDING Oboner’s REMOVAL AS A TRAITOR TO THESE UNITED STATES. “We the People” have that right to oust you ! You went against just about every Law of the US Constitution.You and your Communist Regime have created more debt than all US Presidents combined ,and I hear even more so. America we need a march on Washington, not Wall Street ! America needs to step up, whining on Facebook all the time isn’t going to get him out , PLEASE,some one come forward and take control and spit out the word most Americans want to hear …..IMPEACH !!! We need a true Patriot, A great leader, A George Washington,a Jack Kennedy, A RONOLD RAEGAN !! Not a Republican, not a Democrat, because neither can be trusted , the Progressives are everywhere in government , not only does Oboner need to go but anyone that wont follow the Laws of the Constitution. Any Politician that thinks he can give himself a pay raise just by them voting ,,,,OUST, Those who refuse to have the same health care of all Americans …OUST, Those who want to be Career Politicians (no more than four years ) that’s everyone in government….OUST, Those who think they can play (Vacations, Parties, Re-Election …you all get the idea) with the peoples taxes and Social Security (by the way ,it’s not the governments ANYWAY)….OUST!! Those who think you can take our men and women to war whenever you think fit without the agreement of the American people ….OUST …How dare you send our sons and daughters to die in your wars over oil, Power, Greed ,Control……OUST…. And especially those of you who create “RED Flags-LIES” to get the American people to believe the Wars are justified when you have created them
yourselves….OUST…. Those of you that think we can open our borders to whoever wants to come here without regulation (And how many is too many??)….OUST, Those who think they can buy out any company or bank in America and still it goes bankrupt, and no proof of where any of the money went …..OUST !!! And those of you who have no proof of citizenship and have a whole background of Crime,Lies,Drug use and Sales, Bowing to foreign leaders like a dog with his tail between his Jackass (DEMOCRAT,)….OUST…Apologizing to Europe how sorry we are for being such a tragic representation OF A GREAT NATION….OUST, HAVING A RACIST WIFE WHO CLAIMS THE ONLY TIME SHE WAS EVER proud of America was when her husband Barry Sotoros Oboner became president……OUST, Politicians who have belonged to and supported the American Socialist Party….HANG !!!!,Those Politicians that belong to a Racist church in America for most of their lives being taught by a Minister (WRONG- WRIGHT?) that whites in this country are the downfall of “all” ethnic people of color throughout history….OUST!!, A President who has stood up in front of the Arab League and American Muslims and claimed that Muslims had more to do with the building America than our history books allow us to sayand that the Muslims were here before the American Indian,OUST !!! Presidents who have illegally taken Hundreds of millions of dollars from foriegn countries like Saudi Arabia to help themselves and their campaign election for the presidency of the US…..OUST!!!! or HANG !!! Traitor !!! Everyone kinda get the drift , and if you all are feeling a little cocky that come election time you all have it wrapped up , dont count your chickens…..just think back during another presidency where they found alot of the lottery machines we hacked , and that some of the votes weren’t all counted , especially our military overseas, As you may notice I have no trust or sympathy for one side or the other and neither should you.It’s beyond the trust factor now because you dont really know who the enemy is .Just look at Boehner, Really a Conservative ?? You tell me ! Palin may have been the only one I may really have trusted ….but.Perry has a soft spot for the illegals, HOW MANY CAN YOU PUT IN YOUR HOUSE BEFORE IT GOES UNDER? How many can we support? How many Mexican gangs can you put in your neighborhood?….True > I
live in Pittsburgh, I was looking for my dog in the neighborhood ,some construction going on building homes , a whole crew of Mex’s right off the boat, I am sure there was a white boss somewhere but he wasnt there then.And not one white construction worker there either.Guess we don’t need the work.?, I asked about my dog if they had seen it , It looked like total fear on their faces and only 1 out of about 8-9 spoke English, they ran back got the only one who barely could speak it himself and the others disappeared , sound fishy? , I thought so. You would have thought I was the border patrol, these guys were scared. We up here in the east don’t even give that a thought , several more years there may be a rude awakening, it’s not going to be just Texas ,California, Arizona,….. Coming to a neighrhood near you soon !!!! Enjoy the show America ! It’s time to take a stand , no more talk , you see where it’s getting us?

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