Freddie Roden – Running for Sheriff of Walker County Georgia

Freddie Roden comments on a question posted on Facebook 12/16/2011    Freddie Roden Sheriff

Tonya Miller Fee (Posted last Friday)

I would like to know what your view is and how you stand concerning the constitution since we are in a time were certain people wants to do away with it.
Since the Sheriff is the highest law of the land, would you sell out Walker County to FEMA if they wanted to take over? What is your view on the recently passed bill to implement martial law on law abiding citizens? You have not mentioned any of the important issues (that I have heard) concerning we the people. We need a huge change in Walker County for the better, someone that will stand up to the powers that be.         Jack Fee Jr.

The Sheriff is indeed the number one law enforcement officer in the county and I firmly believe as an elected constitutional officer sworn to serve and protect the citizens and uphold the constitution, he should do just that. We all as citizens should be mindful of who we elect to all offices because history has shown us certain individuals we have elected in the past have continually worked to chip away at our constitution. Martial law is imposed where the absence of any other civil government provides for an unstable population. If a Sheriff allows martial law to be imposed on the law abiding citizens of his county he has failed to carry out his oath to those citizens. I am completely against the imposition of martial law against law abiding citizens. The Sheriff has the authority to raise a posse from locals and does not have to utilize non county citizens and certainly does not have to submit to outsiders.

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