Local St. Louis Schools Use Bracelets to Monitor Children at School …And at Home

Polar power     Isn’t this beyond what our schools should be doing? Could this happen here in Georgia? This kind of stuff scares me. Where does this stuff end? Our need for vigilance never ends.   Jack Smith – Gilmar County Tea Party

A local school district will implement a new program where grade school students will be forced to wear bracelets at school and at home so the district can monitor the child’s activity.

Big Brother Is Watching

Missouri Education Watchdog wonders if this controversial policy was ever approved by parents?

District wants to have students wear devices 24/7

Read article at:    http://www.stltoday.com/suburban-journals/metro/education/parkway-s-use-of-fitness-monitors-raises-privacy-questions/article_af46b549-0f1e-5a41-8a26-7f77c91ced20.html

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